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Friday, September 28, 2007
My Holiday in Gold Coast!!!

Gold coast is kinda near to Brisbane, therefore, we woke up in the morning and take the morning train to Gold Coast. It takes us abt an hour.. Our Gold Coast trip is pretty short, it's just a 2 days 1 night trip.. This trip was rather adventurous becoz we know ntg abt Gold Coast, we don't have any map with us too.. We just get a bus and follow the route. Finally we get to Surfer Paradise, which is the beachside of Gold Coast! Then we found a service apartment, so we rented 1 night.. Sea view! Damn nice!
View from the place i stayed!

After we get all the maps and info, we realise that Movie World, Dream World are rather far from the Sea World and the beach.. so we decided to go to Sea World 1st.. We get a 3 days 2 park pass to get to Sea World and Movie World.. Sea World is basically looking at all those sea animals, like dolphin, sharks, polar bear n many more.. We went there and walked around, after walking around, we went to sit on few rides, the rides r really nice and is totally different from msia! Their props really bring us to the story of the rides.. it just cool!! I think the maintainance of the rides r really good!! We walked until Sea World close, then we get to the shopping malls to walk around n hunt for food, I was damn tired but still walk around to look around Gold Coast. Everywhere in Gold Coast is full of tourist! Sometimes we want ask for directions also no one can answer us. After the walk, we head back to our apartment to rest.

Nex day morning, we wake up damn early to go to the beach. We've got not much time to go to the beach, so we decided to go early in the morning. Just to walk on the sand and listen to the sound of the waves.. Wah, was damn relaxing!! The sands r damn soft and the beach is clean... After that, we checked out n head to Movie World.

Once i reached Movie World, i was in love with it.. The shops, the rides... all Warner Bros. characters!! Once i see the Superman rides, i felt like i wanna faint edi! I damn long nv sit on those rides! We walked around, watched some shows, play some simple rides.. We watched The Police Academy Show and Shrek 4D.. The shows amazed me! It was damn good! The props they used, the effect they made! Just COOL! The 4D really 4D, i've nv experience the real 4D! Talk about the rides, the Wild West Fall Adventure Ride is kinda cool! It's like the snake in Sunway Lagoon, but this is more steep and high, and got 1 part it's just fall backwards in the dark! Cool! The Scooby-doo Spooky coaster, I just love it! The effect, the props.. We were riding in the disco lights, and we even take a lift in it with our rides! More and more simple rides.. then the shops!! Nice! Harry Potter's shop! Superman shop! Batman shop! Shrek shop! Looney Tunes shop! Then there got a main street entertainment! U can see all the character in Warner Bros. They just walked along the street! Cool!

Main Street Entertainment! You can c all the Warner Bros. characters!

Then we go grab something to eat, after our meal, we walked around again! Then finally, we went to the Superman rides! The ride was superb!! I've nv experience this b4, it's just cannot compare to Msia's rides! I don't know how to tell the feeling, it's just beyond words! but Superman Escape rides, it's a must to try! Then we go for the Batman rides! But unfortunately, we cant get on the Batwing Spaceshot, bcoz Movie World is close! Sigh! So then we went back to Brisbane to catch our flight the nex day morning..
Ready to get up to the scariest ride!! *pray*

Almost half of my Gold Coast pics r gone! I think my camera sot liao! T_T Just 100 pics gone! My Sea World pics and the beach pics gone! Lucky i did take some of the beach pic using my phone! Tat's y u still can view the beach pic but not the Sea World pic..

Thursday, September 20, 2007
My Holiday in Brisbane!!

After leaving Melbourne, we head to Brisbane straight! When we reached Brisbane, it was edi late night.. We bunked in to Tommy's place (a friend from Singapore). He fetched us from the airport n thx him for his room and the rides! Conquered ppl's room again @@ So bad la..

Actually our trip to Brisbane was slightly relaxing, only went to the city to shopping and eat.. Jay was busying with her assignments, kesian her, holiday also got assignments.. That's y we sleep till kinda late everyday.. The most memorable thing in Brisbane is the ferry! We took ferry to the city, it's our transport to the city! Felt nice! Brisbane is different from Melbourne n Sydney.. To me, Sydney is like an asian country, but shops n entertainments r alot there.. Melbourne to me is more like the english like country, ppl r more crazy there! Brisbane is like a place tat full of business n working class ppl, shops n cafes there r higher class, the streets there gave me a feeling of Singapore..

We shopped around in the city n went to play bowling! hahaha! The bowling place was damn nice, bowling + pub + karaoke.. the music there is nice.. was enjoying! Went to the restaurant in the city, the foods look damn nice but it was the worst meal ever! Hahaha! it's not cheap somemore!! Jay ordered some fried seafood, then i order grilled chicken! Jay's food was super salty, just like putting salt into ur mouth.. Mine was too grilled until i can grill my tongue, just too dry n too grill! Just cannot take it!

Tommy was busy with his assignments, that's y he got not much time to bring us around! It was his final weeks, so i understand how bz n stressful he is. but really thx alot! 15th September, his friends organised a BBQ party and invited us too.. The bbq party starts at the noon, it was my 1st time having BBQ in the noon. Meet up with many new friends from Singapore and also some guai lous.. Was having fun chatting with them n some of them r really funny!! After the bbq session, we went to one of the friends place to have dinner! Thx Crystal for the dinner, it was lovely! After dinner, we went back to Tommy's place, some of his friends were there to watch football! Well, we were having fun chatting and drinking as well! I drank abit but was feeling dizzy.. Told u guys i cant drink right? Just a few glass then i K.O. edi...

The nex day, we wake up early in the morning and starts our journey to Gold Coast!

My Holiday in Melbourne!

I'll break down my holiday journey into few posts bcoz i think it would b toooo long to say it all at once..

Firstly, Melbourne!! B4 the day i go travel, i've still got class and assignments to hand up.. Sleepless nights + tiring mind, wasn't that excited at 1st.. Woke up early in the morning, then get ready for my trip.

Okay, my way to Melbourne was supposed to be Bus -> Lithgow, Lithgow(train) -> Sydney, Sydney (plane) -> Melbourne.. but due to some problems, i think is maintanance of the track... i need to travel Bathurst(bus) -> Lithgow, Lithgow (train) -> Katoomba, Katoomba(bus) -> Penrith, Penrith (train) -> Sydney, Sydney (plane) -> Melbourne.. It was a whole day journey, when i reach Melbourne, it's edi at night! Damn Tiring!

I took the shuttle bus from airport to the city, JJ was there waiting for us! Coz we're goin to bunk in to his place! Kick him outta his room, wakakakaka! When we reached the city train station, saw JJ and Shoan. I was damn happy and surprised to c Shoan there bcoz he told me tat he can't make it to JJ's place. So Shoan and JJ, happy to c me as well?

Then we took train to JJ's place, dropped all the luggage then we go out to city again.. I just don't wanna waste my 1st night in Melbourne.. So we walked around n yumcha at the city.. Then we went back to JJ's place. We had a good time chatting with each others coz too long nv c them liao.. The next day 4 of us went to Victoria market, it was like Melbourne 'petaling street' but way better la.. lolx.. Walked around, cam-whore with them awhile, then go makan.. then went back to JJ's place. Shoan need to go back edi! Sobs!! I'll miss u de, dont worry! After send Shoan back, JJ brought us to the Crown Hotel, which also the casino!! Went to the hotel to shop awhile, then went in casino.. Just played for fun, lose $20 there.. hahaha! But was having fun there with the jackpot machines! hahaha, Jay n JJ, u know what i meant..

This is really nice man, too bad i nv get the chance to take a ride!!

Cam-whore awhile b4 we go out!

Some pictures of Melbourne city!

Yumcha & Makan time!

This mug really cute leh >.< i want!

Night view of Yarra River!

Ghost Rider took the scene of this bridge in the movie!

Inside Crown Hotel..
The ceiling lights will change according to the music! Damn nice!

The next few days was just shopping and shopping! JJ followed us for the 1st day then the next 2 days, we walked our own bcoz he's got assignments to do! Too bad!! Bought some stuff in Nike & Addidas factory outlet! Nice! I met up with Yunnie as well, went to makan and jalan.. We also had fun chatting with each other.. There goes my Melbourne trip, though can't get to many places in Great Ocean Road, but i had fun in Melbourne, especially met up with all my friends! Thx JJ for being our tour guide n host! Thx Shoan for purposely come to Melbourne to meet me! Thx Yunnie for tour guiding as well! I miss u guys!

Nike Factory Outlets, bought some stuff in there! Coz it's cheap compare to other places..

Took some photos b4 we leave Melbourne! Thx JJ!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

After all those shit assignments, finally i can hav a short break!! I'm in my holiday mode now!! I'll b having a 3 weeks break, at the mean time.. I'll travel around Australia!! Therefore, Winnie won't be able to update my blog this few weeks!

I'm currently in Brisbane, this is my 2nd stop of my journey... Melbourne was my 1st stop.. met up with jj, yunnie and shoan! Will update u guys more abt the trip when i'm back in Bathurst!

Cya soon!