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Monday, December 25, 2006
Another saturday!

Woke up early this morning! Y winnie wake up so early again?! Aiyo, dancing class lo. wat else.. sometimes really lazy to go for class..

Lolli today nv come for class, so me n my sis go 1st lor.. At 1st the class was kinda bored bcoz all juz follow dance dance dance, teacher like no mood like tat.. n lolli not there, no ppl laugh in class ler.. sienz.. ahahaha.. After half of the class, the environment getting better liaoz.. Got laugh n talk wif teacher, he also start toking liao, mood came back i think.. lolx..

After class, send my sis to Maxis centre then rush home.. Was rushing n rushing.. y leh? bcoz karaoke again! but this time is with mom n sis.. This time can sing longer, sing until dono wat to sing liao @@ After singing, i tot of getting xmas present de but then mom they all wanted to rush home.. so balikz!

Decided to follow jenni to Atria to c kids dancing competition! Uncle pick me up from my hse n went to Atria.. when we got there, we found out that the competition was cancelled bcoz lack of contestants.. owh.. sad! After we went for dinner at Ming Tien, habis makan then balik jen's hse.. Lepak there, couldnt decide where to go.. sien lor..

At last, we decided to go to Wow Wow cafe in Hartamas.. bcoz jen wan live band.. 2 of us like sorpohz go enjoy music n minum tea.. wah.. so enjoy sial! After 1 hr time, i think, lolli n subbie came to join us.. didnt really expect them to come.. but they were there... We chit chat, chilling, enjoying.. then abt 1am, balikz! There goes another saturday!

Here r some pics uploaded.. enjoy!

Winnie @ Wow Wow Cafe

Dreamerz with teas & coffee!

Update update!

This whole week nv update bcoz there's ntg much to update.. i everyday also stay at home, wake up then eat, finish eat then rest, rest then sleep.. lolx.. like a pig right? hahahax!! Until friday at least there's something goin on..

Woke up early in friday bcoz my cousins ajak go karaoke! Wah, so long nv go karaoke, dono how to sing edi... Supposedly can only sing for 2 hrs, but then tat day Neway so good, let us sing 3 hrs.. Sing until no voice edi...

After karaoke, i went to taman tun there to get tickets from my dancing teacher.. It's a dancing competition tickets, he got complimentary tickets for us.. Since i've got ntg to do.. so might as well go n support him n i like to c ppl dance..

Went home, rest for a while then get ready again.. Go to the dancing competition at nite in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.. At 1st i wonder y my teacher said the tickets only for ppl above 18, when i reached there, i got my answer..

This whole competition was organized by Martell V.S.O.P., Rise Above : The Next Level. So basically, alcohol la.. Went there.. the place was huge.. Many ppl @@ got old ppl, got young ppl. mix mix lo.. Went inside the hall, OMG, no place to sit de.. everyone got to stand n there're tables everywhere.. n at last i know those tables r for u to drink Martell.. ofcoz, need to pay la..

Waited for 2 hrs, the show finally started.. sooo long, wanted to go off edi coz my legs damn tired.. Luckily i chose to wait, bcoz some of the contestants' dance really great.. i c until.. @@ 1 word, keng! Saw my teacher n other teachers from my dancing school dance, they did great job n congratz they got 3rd in the competition.. RM3k!! Champion got RM10k ar.. i also wan leh..

After they announced the results, i leave the place liao.. The event was still goin on when i leave, it's all about drinking ler.. lolx.. i also don drink, stay there buat apa? Went makan then balikz tidorz..

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Tiring & sanfu days 2

Today got to wake up early also.. argh.. ytd nite so tired, today couldnt sleep longer! I couldnt wake up this morning, was freaking tired plus my legs muscles r hurt! Sakit!!! But, at last forced myself to wake up coz i hav to go for singing class in Amcorp mall..

Pick jenni up then rush to Amcorp mall.. we were late for 5 mins! Sry jenni & lolli! I drive too slow @@ coz no petrol ma.. After class, we sat in the car n think of a place to hav lunch.. dono how long later we got to decide an area to search for restaurant.. We go to Subang to jalan jalan, at last we decided to go to Station 1 cafe to makan.. Subbie came to join us there.. The food was so so but at least still can put in my stomach.. My mood doesnt really good while we're there mayb i feel tired..

After lunch, send jenni home.. When i reach home, i starts to not feeling well.. i told jenni tat i couldnt follow her to her fren's open house party.. I went to rest in room, even my sis ajak shopping i also cannot follow.. Legs pain, stomache.. tidur je la.. But ended up, lying on my bed for freaking 5 hrs watch movie la, rest la.. juz couldnt sleep.. zzzz.. Then slowly wake up to go out for dinner.. Not even out more than an hr then balikz rumah liao.. then now sit in front of the com till now. lolx.. sanfu sial! Perut sakit nvm.. plus kaki sakit. aijor.. wan to stand up also sanfu.. summore my hse so many stairs.. walk to my room also susah! I think will b better tmr gua... Ok la.. Go rest loo.. Sayonara!

Tiring & sanfu days 1

Ytd i woke up damn early coz i wanted to go for a medical check up in Tung Shin Hospital.. While i'm on the way there, i picked lolli up.. she so nice teman me go.. thx thx! After 2 hrs, i sent her home to take her car n come to my hse again.. swtnya! Coz we're going for dancing class..

The class was actually fun, bcoz we were having fun, laughing all around during class.. The teacher was just funny ler.. Ohya, we might get to go to the dancing competition on fri oo.. Our teacher try to get tickets for us.. Although the class was fun, but was damn damn tired.. n our legs got no energy to jalan anymore.. kiok yuen jo.. coz we're repeating the steps almost half an hr.. that steps was goin up n down.. so muscle pain lo.. T_T

After the class, we went to makan in Wong Kok in ss2.. Went back after the lunch.. I couldnt rest when i reach home.. zzzz.. my sis asked me to send her to kl to dye her hair.. kek sei ngo!
Finally, got home.. rest awhile then hav to ready up to go for the concert at nite.. pick up sean, my sis, my cousin.. traffic jam ytd, summore i jalan salah! stuck in the jam for an hr, lucky nv late for the concert..

The concert is a charity concert, Perfect 100 Charity concert.. I got free tickets n i get to sit in front.. OMG, it was so near to the stage.. but then not all the artists i fancy.. Anyway, there r still few artists i like.. n i juz enjoyed the concert moment, scream my lungs out!!! Guang Liang, JJ Lin was just bside me singing! OMG.. /faint! After the concert.. voice gone! Go makan, then balikz tidur.. tiring day!

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Winnie start blogging again!

Well, ya.. i'm back to this blog! it has been long time that this blog's being ignored.. about 1 yrs+ i guess.. now has come back to life.. yoohoo!

Anyway, the old posts have been deleted.. now come to a brand new blog!
Actually i'm damn lazy to write blog, coz i dono wat i should write.. or mayb should say i like to keep things to myself instead of type it all out, moreover my life has ntg special to write.. lolx.. But, still i think i should start to write some bcoz sometimes when u read back, ur memories came back n especially for me who easily forget things that'd happened..

I hope i will update more often bcoz... well, for those who knows me.. i'm super duper lazy! Anyone wants to challenge me?!

My friends, there r chatbox to let u guys spam.. but don spam too much, nanti i pening n lazy to read again! Hrmm.. i think itu saje la.. sayonara!