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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Photos in Sydney updates!

Enjoy ^_^!

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Small Little Chocolate Fondue!

I felt like eating fondue all of a sudden, so then me and jay decided to buy the ingredients to make our own fondue. We boughts many fruits n chocolates today. The chocolate fondue had become our dinner today! This small little chocolate fondue stuffed our stomach to the max! I am so damn full now! Took some photos of it, hope u guys feel the deliciousness too... lolx! *yummy*

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Noting better to do..

Today is a boring day.. Me n Jay was too bored so we decided to go out shopping! Went out for hrs and we've got ourselves something.. When we're home, we really got nothing to do, Jay starts to teach me make up, but i still dont know how to >.< ! Winnie so sat pai! Finally, class is over.. then we take out camera n start snapping.. lolx! @@.. Here's the pics, though not that nice, but still hope u guys enjoy!

Thursday, April 12, 2007
Trip to Sydney!

Last weekend, i was down to Sydney for holiday! What i did in Sydney? It's just shop, karaoke, shop, karaoke! Lolx.. I've never been to karaoke for mths. Damn, i miss it so much! I was just walking around Sydney city and research for a better trip to here again during July. The main purpose was just to get things that i needed, and wellm, i get some of it. Not to forget, i met up with my secondary school friends and he brought us to check out those pub n club.. It was fun, but winnie cant drink n dance! Sad case! but i did enjoy it, Thx alot my fren! Pictures r available, take ur time to view it, ciaoz!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
My first time..

Ever since i come here, everything seems the first time to me. Still remember last weekend, i was feeling really down due to something happen in the previous night. The nex day morning, Jay decided to bring me out for a walk, to let myself chill abit. The weather was real cold, and still we went out for a walk. We were feeling hungry when we walked out, then we decided to go to either McD or KFC. Well, it's our 1st time to either of this fastfood restaurants.. after so long @@ sat pai right? So i chose McD.. reason? dono >.< Just dont feel like eating KFC in the morning.

There r a Mc Cafe in Mc.D outlets, the cafe r like a real cafe restaurant instead of Mc.D! It's like a starbucks coffee stall n there r cakes and muffins selling, the cakes look delicious. *yummy*! Well, it's my 1st time seeing this, so abit excited abt it. Lolx.. There were many people having their morning tea n breakfast there, but we go for the Mc.D meals.. Prices r almost similar (if u don convert, lolx) but there r much more varieties compare to msia Mc.D. I ordered my fav. chicken nuggets coz my bacon & egg no more liao! and also a caramel sundae, which msia don hav this flavor! After i found a seat and i look at my sundae n think, am i crazy? eatin ice-cream in such a cold weather! But well, i still finish my ice-cream bcoz it's so delicious! U guys wanna try? /gg


McCafe.. izzit look like starbucks coffee?

Our meals.. Burgers also look bigger! French Fries also not bad!

My Caramel Sundae... yayyaa!

My new Macbook!

I just got my new macbook for about a week+. i was really happy when i juz saw my macbook deliever to my hse. Whenever i recieved it, i forgot my tiredness, restlessness.. lolx! In order to get this macbook, i hav gone through alot of discouragement from my family and friends. I know i wasted losta money just to get this, but well, if i gonna use it for my work nex time (as well as my sis, she need it for her work), i don mind being scold.. although i have edi being scolded.. ahaha.

There's still lots more to learn as i'm a total stanger to mac. Mac doesnt support many of windows' softwares and programmes, that's the mafan part! And Mac's softwares are damn expensive! Well, i'll find my way! Winnie will conquer Mac no matter what! Hahaha!

Here r some pics of my little white angel, enjoy!