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All CiB Staffs Performance - 承諾 (Promise)
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星光传奇云顶演唱会..... 赞!
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Thursday, June 12, 2008
All CiB Staffs Performance - 承諾 (Promise)

Here is the video of all CiB staffs singing 承諾 (Promise) on 7 June 2008! This song is dedicated to all the victims of SzeChuan earthquake. The lead singers of this performance are Jack, Connie, Winnie & Alvin. Thanks for supporting!

p/s: Video is taken by Jen Ai!! Thanks!

CiB Mall Launching Event DONE!!

After months of hard work and the stress that we get, finally the CiB Mall Launching Event is DONE!! I'm so glad that the event was a success after all. Though there were unexpected incident happens, overall, everything is still under control perhaps.

This launching event consider my first event ever since i stepped into this working world, i hope i did well in this event. Thank for those who willing to teach me and help me while I was having problem doing all the job. Though there might be unhappy stuff and argument before or during the event, but i hope all of us understand and forgive each other.

I'm here to say THANK YOU and SORRY to everyone regarding on this event. If I did anything that hurt your feeling, sorry! But I also need to say Thank you for everyone who did his/her job well in this event. For someone special, thank you to be with me all the time and gone through my ups and downs with me. *wink*

Below are the photos took on that day, enjoy!

- the entrance of CiB Mall Launching Event -

- the view from 2nd floor (event starting soon..)-

- CiB Cruiser Car with gifts!! -

- CiB staffs singing 承諾 (Promise) for the victims of SzeChuan -

- Denise | Jason | Mike | Chris | Jimmy | Jef | Winnie -

- Wei Yeng | Winnie | Joey -

- Wei Yeng | Winnie | Joey | Shane -

- Winnie | JinN -

- Joey | Winnie -

- Winnie | Connie -

- Denise | Winnie | Connie -

- Sam | Denise | Winnie | Connie -

- Winnie | Jenni -
thanks Jenni & her whole family for coming to support me!! *hugs*

- Alvin | Winnie -
Last but not least, My Love One!! Without you, I can't get through all these! Thanks *muacks*

Sunday, March 16, 2008
星光传奇云顶演唱会..... 赞!

2008年3月15日,一场我梦寐以求的演唱会.... 那就是星光帮在马来西亚第一场的演唱会,也是星光帮在海外的第一场演唱会...
从超级星光大道认识了星光帮,也知道他们对歌唱的投入以及喜爱.. 以前也只能从电视上感受到他们唱歌带给现场的感染力,可是我这次终于可以真正的在现场感受那些评审所说的感染力!真的超赞的!


星光帮 Million Stars

潘裕文 Peter - 自由(张震岳)

许仁杰 Stanley - 冷水澡(黄立行)

周定纬 Judy - You Are Not Alone (Michael Jackson)
*can hear my voice and others voice in the video, so pai seh! @@*

林宥嘉 Yoga & 鸭子 Ring - 梁山伯与茱丽叶(曹格&卓文宣)
*I like this song.. haha*

星光四少 & 鸭子 - 补梦人(潘裕文)

星光四少 & 鸭子 - 因为我相信(星光帮)
*the last song*

During encore that time, they just come out to sing some songs without music! It was nice to hear and some are imitating other singers! So funny..

离人 (Stanley is imitating 林志炫 while he is singing this song with Peter)

不安静的夜 (Judy was dancing while Stanley is singing)

背叛 (They are all imitating Aska 杨宗纬 & 萧敬藤, so cute! haha! Everyone is singing together with them!)

Rasa Sayang (closing song, they saying bye bye to everyone! T_T)

Monday, February 04, 2008
Last Aussie Trip in Decemeber 2007!

Before i leave Australia, my sis and Wendy came to Sydney for a trip. So i brought them travel around Sydney and Gold Coast. They came on the 8th Dec and leaving on the 16th Dec. We travel around Sydney for the first 3 days, then we left to Gold Coast for another 3 days, and lastly we came back to Sydney.

Well, the trip was nice and was rather busy. We were bz taking photos everywhere and shop around! Sry for not uploading the photos here, but i uploaded in my facebook!
Below is the link of my photos in facebook! You still can have a look!

Sydney Trip - Part 1
Sydney Trip - Part 2
Sydney Trip - Part 3
Sydney Trip - Part 4

Gold Coast:
Gold Coast Trip - Part 1
Gold Coast Trip - Part 2
Gold Coast Trip - Part 3

These r the photos, and there r freaking losta photos! Take ur time to c!

Monday, December 31, 2007
Last photo session in Bathurst!

Sorry for late update! I'm here to share with you our last cam-whore session in Bathurst. After all this pictures, most of us leave Bathurst and came back to Malaysia. My life in Bathurst was really the most memorable days; friends that I've known; places where I've been; Experiences that I've gained and etc.

Thanks Jay and friends who made my Bathurst life so interesting and memorable!!
*big muacks for you guys!*

Below is the last cam-whore session that me & Jay had. Followed by our farewell & celebration dinner in Bathurst.